MYSIA is an ancient civilization, who lived in today’s Aegean-Mediterranean region. It is where the best olives have been cultivated since the ancient times. MYSIA civilization lived at the same age with Trojans and Lydians. This led MYSIA to be one of the pioneer civilizations who used money in the history.

To honour the history of MYSIA we wanted to adopt the Aphrodite figure on the MYSIA coin to be our logo. Three different colors represent three crucial aspects of MYSIA. Dark green represents the color of olive trees and olives. Azure color represents the heavenly looking water sources and seas that have been part of many legends since the Greek mythology began. Last but not least, terra color represents the fertile soils which led to cultivate the best olives since ages.

Just like in ancient times, MYSIA natural extra-virgin olive oil-based soaps are handmade by artisans. The same in-house method has been using by our artisans for decades and it passes by elder masters to young apprentices for generations.

Our soaps are produced completely by traditional methods. Using cold press extra-virgin olive oil which comes from world’s leading top-quality olive farms from Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. Mixing with essential oils and other natural ingredients and combining the mastered knowledge and experiences of decades brings out top notch quality product. Each soap is cured in special rooms without humidity to dry at least 45 days, then they get packed and ready to ship out from our production site.